Learning Centers

Art area/writing center/typing center:

This area provides children with opportunities to express creativity, observe cause and effect with a variety of mediums, increase small muscle development, eye-hand coordination, discover colors, shapes, sizes and textures, develop aesthetic appreciation and independent work skills. Children may create stories and write letters and numbers. A typewriter is available for children to explore typing, letters and numbers.

Game table:

Children improve conceptual development and turn taking skills while playing a variety of games.

Puzzles, manipulative toy and game area:

Children express creativity with open ended materials. They match, sort, sequence, seriate and classify materials by color, shape, size and texture. They improve small muscle development, eye-hand coordination and social skills such as turn taking, sharing materials, cooperating while creating, and joining in play activities.

Library/stories on tape/story retelling props/puppets:

Children develop reading readiness skills, build vocabulary and conceptual development, identify roles and relationships people have in stories, listen and participate as a member of a group, and listen to stories being read in a group or individually.