How we teach

We make learning fun, relevant, and interactive. We accomplish this by translating our teaching targets to the child's level and presenting lessons through games that harness the same dynamics that drive play behavior. These learning games revolve around physical activities and manipulatives that make children active participants in learning. All age groups rotate between structured activities and "free play," with the degree of structure increasing as children get older.

The heart of our program is a "theme" approach which is constantly refined by our teachers who choreograph all our activities around a central subject (rotating between core concepts like "Home, sweet, home" and "Feelings" to adventures like "Castles, Kings, & Fairytales" and "Dinosaurs"). We blend together related games, stories, songs, dance, crafts, puzzles, drama exercises, DVDs, software and spectacular field trips. This evolutionary process guarantees perpetual improvements.

Our daily activities include "calendar," story time, craft projects, music, dance/movement, playground time, and computers but the details change each month as activities are synchronized with theme topics. Older children spend 60 minutes/day on academics.