We believe every child needs to enjoy his or her childhood.

Power Kids Preschool is a fun and nurturing place for children. Our school is full of students and teachers who are working together to develop their reasoning skills, decision-making, and universal human values.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are designed with these concerns:

  • Healthy, safe and stimulating environments for our children
  • Interior spaces with flexibility for creative programming
  • Indoor & outdoor play area: safe and appropriate for their respective age levels

Spacious & well-equipped classrooms

Individual classrooms for each age group are well-equipped and engagingly decorated to create a safe, fun, and nurturing atmosphere.

The Outside Play Area

The play area is a fully enclosed space facilitating large motor and socio-emotional development for children and includes both sandy areas, grassy activity areas and much more!

Library : A Key Learning Environment

The Power Kids Preschool library is a lively, welcoming and well resourced place to help create confident and enthusiastic readers.

Center for Performing & Fine Arts

Performing and fine arts like dancing, crafts etc help develop Fine/Gross Motor skills. Children develop flexibility through creative movement and expression. In this class the teacher provides opportunities to students for self-expression and positive stimulation.

Computer room

Children are introduced to I.T., learning mouse control and basic keyboard skills.